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White sandy bottom, large rocks and coral bommies, big table corals, tiger cowries, banded cleaner shrimp, porcelain crabs, clams, snowflake morays, lionfish, juvenile spotted eagle rays, robust ghost pipefish, filefish and a good variety of reef fish, such as angel, parrot and surgeons.


Steep slope with overhangs and outcroppings. There are lots of different shrimps and crabs hiding in the crevices. Regularly seen are schools of spotted eagle rays, big marble rays, reef sharks, schools of snappers and jacks, and if you are lucky the mola mola!


Gentle sloping reef, with lots of branching & table corals, big sponges, nudibranch, mantis shrimps, cowries, cleaner shrimps & moray eels. Shoals of colourful anthias cover the corals, trigger fish, pufferfish, stingrays and keep an eye on the blue for the occasional reef shark, barracuda or giant trevally passing by.


The wall is covered in orange soft corals, bluish tube and long whip corals, plenty of shrimps, crabs & nudibranches hiding in the cracks, as you drift along appreciating the richness of this site. Schools of red tooth triggerfish, banner fish and occasional big pelagic fish hang in the current, which can be strong at times. A very nice wall dive, very different from others in the islands.


Excellent coral cover and variety. The site covers a large shallow area, with the reef plateau at different depth levels. The shallow part of the reef has numerous species of invertebrates. Regularly sighted are nudibranch, ribbon eels, scorpionfish, octopus, puffers, moray eels, mantis shrimp and the hairy squat lobster. Big marble rays, giant trevally and barracuda are also frequently spotted.


Constant current, very deep towards the Toyapakeh Straight, the current runs along the wall, with a wide variety of tropical fish, which thrive in this current swept environment. Prolific marine life can be found along the wall, along with hard and soft corals and if you are lucky, the mola mola.


Big table corals, coral bommies and on the steep slope sponges and whip corals. This is a good site to discover different invertebrates in the sheltered bay area and if the swell is not too strong, you can spend time between 10-20 meters and look for the macro creatures which inhabit the bay. Another site where the mola mola can be sighted.


Big coral bommies and large table corals line the bay. Going towards the slope you will pass over healthy patches of stag horn coral and huge table corals. Check under the rocky overhangs for shrimps and nudibranches. In the right season this probably the best site to see mola molas. Also seen are frogfish, leaf scorpionfish, sand garden eels and cuttlefish. Crystal Bay is a good training site, with a nice beach area.


Manta rays frequently sighted feeding on plankton near the rocky shore. Normally a calm dive, but occasionally affected by surge. Also a good spot for snorkelling. The coral life is not as prolific as other sites, but the mantas make up for it! There are many holes, cracks and overhangs where you will find many different shrimps, crabs & octopus. Blue spotted stingrays and marble rays can be found in the sand. Occasional sightings of nurse shark.


This is a manta cleaning station, with frequent sightings of mantas, often larger in size than at Secret Manta. Another good spot for snorkelling. There is not much in the way of coral here, with mainly limestone rocks and sandy bottoms. Blue spotted stingrays and marble rays can be found in the sand. Occasional sightings of bamboo, wobbygong and nurse sharks. Turtles can also be spotted feeding on the soft corals.


Large coral bommies and massive fields of branching coral. Very healthy reef with normally good visibility. The current can be to strong here and is often changing directions. Enjoy drifting past schooling fish and don’t forget to keep an eye on the blue as sometime giant trevallies, whitetip sharks and barracuda pass by. Lots of macro life here with the orang-utan crab being regularly sighted.


The slope is bit steeper than SD, but with similar coral. The huge  sponges and long whip coral, are good indicators that strong currents are evident. Lots of schooling fish, unicorns, orang-utan crab, snappers, ribbon eels, clouds of triggerfish, anthias and occasional turtle.


Similar site to SD and Pura Ped, with a steeper slope and large coral bommies. Schooling fish,  unicorns, snappers, ribbon eels, triggerfish and anthias. Good site for macro life, with the orang-utan crab hiding in the anemone. Another site where the mola mola can be spotted. We have even had occasional sightings of whalesharks!


Buyuk is a sloping reef at the nort east coast of Nusa Penida. The huge barrel sponges and long whip corals, are good indicators that strong currents are evident. Lots of schooling fish, unicorns, snappers, ribbon eels, moray eels, clouds of triggerfish and anthias. Whitetip reef sharks can sometimes be spotted cruising past in the blue. Another site where the mola mola can be sighted.